Michael K . bodily sensations were no longer agreeable. Examples of Agreeable in a sentence Once the divorced couple became somewhat agreeable on certain matters, they finally tackled the custody issue. Example sentences with "agreeable", translation memory. You know, you were much more agreeable as a wolf. Agreeableness. Stout, about the average height, broad, with huge red hands; he did not know, as the saying is, how to enter a drawing room and still less how to leave one; that is, how to say something particularly agreeable before going away. Even a tyrant is agreeable to this type of freedom .इस तरह की आजादी तो हर तानाशाही सरकार को मंजूर होगी . 99 examples: He said vaguely agreeable things about further absorbing their message… It is of a pale brown colour, transparent, brittle, and in consequence of its agreeable odour is used for fumigation and in perfumery. That is a sentence with robot and agreeable. Most experts believe an agreeable tax strategy will eventually turn up. 32. The pedestrian walkways, which had seemed rather agreeable to me at first, began to become irritating. They are of an agreeable flavour, and this especially applies to the white descriptions. I did my best to ignore the fact that my bodily sensations were no longer agreeable. He recognized the agreeable, philosophizing voice with pleasure. Dog prices range from "free to a good home" to several hundred dollars, depending on the specific animal and the sale's circumstances, and providing documentation can help sellers achieve an agreeable price. I tried flour also; but have at last found a mixture of rye and Indian meal most convenient and agreeable. They do not represent the opinions of YourDictionary.com. It was admitted that such obligation must be not natural but positive; but it was argued by the stricter Calvinistic divines that the proportion of one in seven is agreeable to nature, based on the order of creation in six days, and in no way specially connected with anything Jewish. agreeable adjective (AGREEING) able to be accepted by everyone: The talks are aimed at finding a mutually agreeable solution. A measure of trust had developed and the companionship was relaxed and agreeable . Many translated example sentences containing "agreeable" – French-English dictionary and search engine for French translations. 3. He was pleasant in manner and generally agreeable, and able by the abundance of his accomplishments to cast into shade his faults of avarice" (Pers. It has an agreeable, temperate climate, is regularly built, and has considerable commercial importance. These forms are more agreeable to the fancy and imagination than fresco paintings or other the most expensive furniture. Agreeable in a sentence. agreeable in Webster’s Revised … 25- A number of operators found the proposal immediately agreeable. (əgriːəbəl ) 1. adjective. Any such time off will be taken at a time mutually agreeable between the employee and Reuters and shall be limited to ten (10) days in any calendar year. ...an agreeable surprise. Lists. agreeable in a sentence - Use "agreeable" in a sentence 1. They were very, very responsive . While the idea of a game based on real-life retail experience doesn't sound agreeable, Cake Mania manages to take the stress out of the job and turns it into pure fun. agreeable in a sentence. Example sentences with "in an agreeable manner", translation memory. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. All these while, I had patiently faced the condemning and criticize from those who were not agreeable … In 1850 he was made bishop of Mainz, by order of the Vatican, in preference to the celebrated Professor Leopold Schmidt, of Giessen, whose Liberal sentiments were not agreeable to the Papal party. agreeable / examples. During the latter half of the 19th century, considerable public improvements were effected in the town, making it, -despite its neighbouring collieries, an agreeable place of residence. His protection and encouragement of Caxton were of inestimable value to English literature, and in the preface to the Dictes the printer gives an account of his own relations with the statesman which illustrates the dignity and modesty of Lord Rivers in a very agreeable way. Since she was from home 4/5 days and I was so worried that I was kind of agreeable with her. The princes were Italians; they shared-the common enthusiasms of the nation for art, learning, literature and science; they studied how to mask their tyranny with arts agreeable to the multitude. en Concerning him, Jehovah said: “I have found David the son of Jesse, a man agreeable … Most experts believe an agreeable tax strategy will eventually turn up. For the Pavlograd hussars, however, the whole of this retreat during the finest period of summer and with sufficient supplies was a very simple and agreeable business. Also at Fernando Po there was an annual ceremony where children born within the year were made to touch the skin of a serpent suspended from a tree in the public square.9 We have next to notice the very general belief that the household snake was an agreeable guest, if not a guardian spirit. login. Affordable and fast divorces rely on a few mutually agreeable terms between spouses. On his resignation, which took place in October 1761, the king urged him to accept some signal mark of royal favour in the form most agreeable to himself. Berg, the Rostovs' son-in-law, was already a colonel wearing the orders of Vladimir and Anna, and he still filled the quiet and agreeable post of assistant to the head of the staff of the assistant commander of the first division of the Second Army. Perfect for daytime wear but also coming in more dramatic varieties for evenings out, pink has made itself agreeable for all lifestyles. en Third, be adaptable and agreeable, and look for a common ground with the householder. Its agreeable weather and diverse array of activities for older adults make the state a prime destination for those over 65. Il est généralement placé après le nom et s'accorde avec le nom (ex : un ballon bleu, une balle bleue). agreeable to have a night off the route with familiar friends. Chian turpentine is a tenacious semi-fluid transparent body, yellow to dull brown in colour, with an agreeable resinous odour and little taste. Sargent thus writes of it in Garden and Forest: "The plant may well be grown for the beauty of its fruit alone, which, moreover, is juicy and edible, with a sharp, rather pungent, agreeable, flavor. Learn more. What does agreeable expression mean? Rhymes Lyrics and poems Near rhymes Phrase rhymes Synonyms / Related Phrases [Example sentences] Descriptive words Definitions Example sentences from Wikipedia that use the word agreeable : See agreeable used in context: 6 poetry verses , 44 definitions My grandmother was agreeable to marrying Gaetano. (person: willing to say yes) dispuesto/a adj adjetivo: Describe el sustantivo. The agreeable child was liked by all his teachers due to his easygoing personality antonyms. Examples of Agreeable in a sentence. But my pride was soon humbled, and a sober melancholy was spread over my mind by the idea that I had taken an everlasting leave of an old and agreeable companion, and that whatsoever might be the future date of my History, the life of the historian must be short and precarious.". If you were cleverer and more agreeable, I should prefer yours. Synonyms: pleasant, pleasing, satisfying, acceptable More Synonyms of agreeable. 25- A number of operators found the proposal immediately agreeable. agreeably graded adverb. The aspect of the country, in the eastern and southern parts, is flat and uninteresting; but the western parts, where it runs along the foot of the Eastern Ghats, as well as all the country northwards from Trivellam to Tripali and the Karkambadi Pass, are mountainous, with an agreeable diversity of scenery. There are 9 example sentences for agreeable. Agreeable in a sentence. Traducir agreeable de Inglés a español. Extinct Birds Walter Rothschild It is an adjectival form, like Datis, and means probably "pleasant, agreeable ." Karagina had replied that for her part she was agreeable, and everything depend on her daughter's inclination. Harry is very agreeable, so don't hesitate to tell him about your plan. add example. . At times, when the weather is agreeable, dozens of people can reach the summit in a single day. And I hope you will have a very agreeable day, and find it all mighty delightful. . A quiet time to oneself, either at home or away from home, each day can make a disagreeable person agreeable person agreeable. Boom was just a teddy bear, a little worn around the ears, soft and agreeable to hold. Sentence Examples. On the Andean slopes the temperature is more agreeable. Fru Julia Nyberg (1785-1854), under the title of Euphrosyne, was their tenth Muse, and wrote agreeable lyrics. Translations of the phrase HOW AGREEABLE from english to german and examples of the use of "HOW AGREEABLE" in a sentence with their translations: Discover how agreeable this trio is! It seems also to have been used for the purpose of creating an agreeable perfume on great occasions, e.g. This is agreeable to the present practice, founded on the very same reasons. Enjoy it now! The succulent fruits are not only edible but agreeable, and in fevers are freely administered as a cooling drink. It is the summer quarters of the Bengal government and has a most agreeable climate, which neither exceeds 80° F. Robert Smith (Harmonics, 2nd ed., 1 759, p. 95) states that Sauveur " inferred that octaves and other simple concords, whose vibrations coincide very often, are agreeable and pleasant because their beats are too quick to be distinguished, be the pitch of the sounds ever so low; and on the contrary, that the more complex consonances whose vibrations coincide seldom are disagreeable because we can distinguish their slow beats; which displease the ear, says he, by reason of the inequality of the sound. We cannot indeed regard them,with the ancients, as the best part of his history, for the majority of them are obviously unhistorical, and nearly all savour somewhat too much of the rhetorical schools to be perfectly agreeable to modern taste. | (colloquial) Willing; ready to agree or consent. In class (2) he includes, besides the Benevolence of Shaftesbury and Hutcheson, the useful virtues, Justice, Veracity and Fidelity to compacts; as well as such immediately agreeable qualities as politeness, wit, modesty and even cleanliness. In a hot-water system the heat is given off at a lower temperature and is consequently more agreeable than that yielded by a steam-heating apparatus. At the Swiss health resorts, on the contrary, during the winter the air is very pure, and has just sufficient coldness to make exercise agreeable to patients. On the other side, you can also make Agreeable sentence in Urdu as several English words are also used in the English language. 2 2 A. et al. A. chinensis is also a fine climber of vigorous growth, the fruit large-about the size of a walnut-and of agreeable flavor. CHLOROFORM (trichlor-methane), CHC1 3, a valuable anaesthetic, a colourless liquid, possessing an agreeable smell and a pleasant taste. But choice, he holds, is not arbitrary; it is determined in every case by " that motive which as it stands in the view of the mind is the strongest," and that motive is strongest which presents in the immediate object of volition the " greatest apparent good," that is, the greatest degree of … agreeably graded adverb. If something is agreeable, it is pleasant and you enjoy it. 0 agreeable year round climate have ensured that there are a good selection of quality golf courses present. agreeable adj adjective: Describes a noun or pronoun--for example, "a tall girl," "an interesting book," "a big house." agreeable phrase. The Vice Dean reminded us of a … Examples of agreeable in a sentence, how to use it. If the weather is agreeable and the flowers are in bloom, throw an English garden party. Henry Thrale, one of the most opulent brewers in the kingdom, a man .of sound and cultivated understanding, rigid principles, and liberal spirit, was married to one of those clever, kind-hearted, engaging, vain, pert young women who are perpetually doing or saying what is not exactly right, but who, do or say what they may, are always agreeable. | (colloquial) Willing; ready to agree or consent. jw2019. UN-2. This region beyond the hundred-miles coast belt is far more agreeable and healthy to Europeans. Princess Mary had made an agreeable impression on him when he had met her in Smolensk province. The engagement as tutor did not prove an agreeable one, and he soon threw it up (1771) in favour of an appointment as court preacher and member of the consistory at Biickeburg. But If it's folk that turns you on, you'll find this a perfectly agreeable listen. The country surrounding Belfast is agreeable and picturesque, whether along the shores of the Lough or towards the girdle of hills to the west; and is well wooded and studded with country seats and villas. He is agreeable to a degree of cooperation, and I would go fairly far to cooperate. Sentence example with the word 'agreeable' agreeable abject, attractive, concurring, empathetic, golden-tongued, indulgent, nonresistant, prone, slender, tuneful, well-stacked Definition adj. Translate agreeable into Spanish. It is traversed by the Leine canal, which separates the Altstadt from the Neustadt and from Masch, and is surrounded by ramparts, which are planted with lime-trees and form an agreeable promenade. In September 1755 he writes to his aunt: " I find a great many agreeable people here, see them sometimes, and can say upon the whole, without vanity, that, though I am the Englishman here who spends the least money, I am he who is most generally liked.". Agreeable definition is - pleasing to the mind or senses especially as according well with one's tastes or needs. Translations of the phrase AGREEABLE FOR from english to spanish and examples of the use of "AGREEABLE FOR" in a sentence with their translations: How very agreeable for you. The author bespeaks the favour of those to whom he addresses himself in the following significant terms: - " Neither shall I affright you with hedging, ditching, marling, chalking, paring and burning, draining, watering and such like, which are all very good improvements indeed, and very agreeable with the soil and situation of East Lothian, but I know ye cannot bear as yet a crowd of improvements, this being only intended to initiate you in the true method and principles of husbandry.". tl Ikatlo, makibagay at makiayon, at humanap ng isang bagay na hindi matututulan ng maybahay. Animals are such agreeable friends - they ask no questions, they pass no criticisms. agreeable in a sentence - 18. Pythagoras advised, "Choose always the way that seems the best however rough it may be, custom will soon render it easy and agreeable . Classical studies he regarded as an agreeable relaxation from severer pursuits. Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. Not agreeable with the presence of former judges and lawyers on the proposed commission. How to use agreeable in a sentence. In California this incident served only to open up agreeable personal relations and social courtesies, but it did not tend to clarify the diplomatic atmosphere. The Stoics were given to the study of nature, while their moral teaching was agreeable to one who, in his literary work, was unselfishly eager to benefit and to instruct his contemporaries (Praef. An example of … agreeable in a sentence - Use "agreeable" in a sentence 1. Examples of agreeable in a Sentence He's a very agreeable young man. The odour of cubebs is agreeable and aromatic; the taste, pungent, acrid, slightly bitter and persistent. His company was by no means agreeable to me, but my opinion was not asked. If you and your roommate are agreeable, you could purchase a double loft configuration that has a futon underneath. Thus, we seek to be useful, considerate, and helpful in an agreeable manner with other family members. agreeable. traduction agreeable dans le dictionnaire Anglais - Francais de Reverso, voir aussi 'agreeably',agree',agreed',agreement', conjugaison, expressions idiomatiques Examples of agreeable in a sentence: 1. Michael K . As a general rule, an agreeable grotesque of the affairs of life (a grotesque which never loses hold of good taste sufficiently to be called burlesque) occupies him. Pythagoras advised, "Choose always the way that seems the best however rough it may be, custom will … In general, the sub-tropical (valle) and temperate (cabezera de valle) regions of Bolivia are healthy and agreeable, have a plentiful rainfall, moderate temperature in the shade, and varied and abundant products. What is a sentence using the word agreeable? See more. Certainly seems much more agreeable than using an estate agent. Meaning, pronunciation, picture, example sentences, grammar, … What he had said was agreeable, they needed to slow down spending money. The change from London to Dublin can seldom be an agreeable one. A few minutes later Mademoiselle Bourienne came into Princess Mary's room smiling and making cheerful remarks in her agreeable voice. The custom of marriages between brothers and sisters, agreeable to old Persian as to old Egyptian ethics, was instituted in Egypt by the second Ptolemy when he married his full sister Arsinoe Philadelphus. 33. The question of the succession was now again prominent, and Shaftesbury, in opposition to Halifax, committed the error, which really brought about his fall, of putting forward Monmouth as his nominee, thus alienating a large number of his supporters; he encouraged, too, the belief that this was agreeable to the king. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. He was not an agreeable companion, violent in his passions, nervous, restless, and in old age extremely irascible. no strong evangelical movement, and that Henry's pretty consistent adherence to the fundamental doctrines of the medieval Church was agreeable to the great mass of his subjects. However, you need to apply proper grammar rules in any sentence. The definition of Agreeable is followed by practically usable example sentences which allow you to construct your own sentences based on it. agreeable definition: 1. pleasant or pleasing: 2. able to be accepted by everyone: 3. willing to do or accept…. Agreeable quotes from YourDictionary: Animals are such agreeable friends - they ask no questions, they pass no criticisms. The agreeable versidecadence fication of an amateur like Ausonius, the refined of GauL panegyrics of a Eumenius, disguising nullity of thought beneath elegance of form, already foretold the perilous sterility of scholasticism. TROPHY CASE. All Rights Reserved. agreeable sentences in Hindi. ‘The woman smiles, quite pleased by his agreeable tone, but then she frowns and squints at him under the street lamp.’ ‘Once on the rig proper, and below deck, however, I found that the living conditions were quite agreeable, allowing for the fact that the whole thing was … He was a very well-read, thoughtful man, and agreeable. Agreeable as an Adjective Definitions of "Agreeable" as an adjective. ‘The woman smiles, quite pleased by his agreeable tone, but then she frowns and squints at him under the street lamp.’ ‘Once on the rig proper, and below deck, however, I found that the living conditions were quite agreeable, allowing for the fact that the whole thing was … Their interest was to show that the gospel precept of universal benevolence, which owes nothing to civil enactment, was both agreeable to nature and conducive to happiness. Agreeable In A Sentence Definition of Agreeable Pleasing, either to the mind or senses; pleasant; grateful. Agreeable definition: If something is agreeable , it is pleasant and you enjoy it. His manners were agreeable and his appearance fascinating, but, like many other prelates of the day, his morals were far from blameless, his two dominant passions being greed of gold and love of women, and he was devotedly fond of the children whom his mistresses bore him. He was a very agreeable companion and a thorough man of the world, singularly free from arrogance and pomposity; owing to his small stature, he was often known as "die kleine Excellenz.". To each of them he made some careless and agreeable remark except to Pierre and Helene, whose presence he seemed not to notice. The agreeable list of example sentences with agreeable. and Limousin to Edward IlL, and was offered his liberty for a ransom of three million gold crowns; but, unable to pay that enormous sum, he returned to his agreeable captivity in London, where he died in 1364. | Agreeing or suitable; conformable; correspondent; concordant; adapted; followed by to, or rarely by with. Managers are quite agreeable most of the time What happens to bad managers? "We advocate," he said, "nothing but what is agreeable to the highest behests of Christianity - to buy in the cheapest market, and sell in the dearest.". Denisov started these and Pierre was particularly agreeable and amusing about them. The climate is healthy and agreeable, the mean annual temperature being 65° F. He is described by Pain Gatineau as "a well-knit, handsome man, bald (from his illness at Acre), of agreeable face and ruddy complexion, loving good cheer, wine and women. Council seemed reluctant to implement most of the requests without further study, though some seemed agreeable to the 2003 tax-freeze idea. Pierre was in an agreeable after-dinner mood. It is a colourless liquid with a sweetish burning taste and an agreeable odour. Agreeable to definition is - in accordance with the requirements of : as provided by : according to. "Animals are such agreeable friends - they ask no questions, they pass no criticisms.". The work in two acts was first performed at the The agreeable tiger moth … 2. On the sloping hills carob trees, and others both useful and agreeable, still grow abundantly; the vine also holds its place, ands produces a species of wine which was highly valued by the ancients, though it seems to have degenerated greatly in modern times. Hence, probably, the wide popularity which his works enjoyed in the 18th century; and hence the agreeable feeling with which, notwithstanding all their false taste and their tiresome digressions, they impress the modern reader. Once the divorced couple became somewhat agreeable on certain matters, they finally tackled the custody issue. Its elevation, 8839 ft., gives it an exceptionally agreeable climate. synonyms. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. All of this may seem less if you are unable to learn exact pronunciation of Agreeable, so we have embedded mp3 … Translate agreeable into Spanish. Find words for agreeable in Spanish in this Spanish-English dictionary. Randy was agreeable to the suggestion. In 130 - I Cleopatra succeeded in driving Euergetes for a time to Cyprus, when he revenged himself by murdering the son whom she had borne him (surnamed M emphites). Nevertheless the climate is considered healthy and agreeable; copious rains fall in general in winter. The coldest months are June, July and August, during which the temperature is very agreeable, averaging 53.6°, 51 7°, and 54° in those months respectively. Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. Quite enjoyable and pleasurable; pleasant. And, the applicant must find the protocol appropriate, fair, agreeable, and adequate to prove their claim. bab.la is not responsible for their content. Until May the hot wind is little felt, while during the rains the weather is cool and agreeable. 2. " Personal merit," he says, " consists entirely in the usefulness or agreeableness of qualities to the person himself possessed of them, or to others, who have any intercourse with him." It has an agreeable odour, and has been used medicinally. The plans of Maurice soon took a form less agreeable to the emperor. But he was an energetic, clear-headed man, of great practical force and skill, cultivated, accomplished, agreeable, flexible, possibly unscrupulous, just the sort of person whom a restless despot like Justinian finds useful. the word Church not to be translated Congregation, &c. (4) When a word hath divers significations, that to be kept which hath been most commonly used by the most of the ancient fathers, being agreeable to the propriety of the place and the analogy of the faith. By looking at example sentences with the … Racine is said to have assured his son that Corneille made verses "cent fois plus beaux" than his own, but that his own greater popularity was owing to the fact that he took some trouble to make himself personally agreeable. ; he made himself so agreeable to the Norwegian sovereign that he was invited, a little later, to superintend the reformation of the Benedictine monastery of St Benet Holme at Trondhjem. The prospect of the Netherfield ball was extremely agreeable to every female of the family. How To Use Agreeable In a Sentence – Agreeable sentence in English is simple to make. See more. ‘The woman smiles, quite pleased by his agreeable tone, but then she frowns and squints at him under the street lamp.’ ‘Once on the rig proper, and below deck, however, I found that the living conditions were quite agreeable, allowing for the fact that the whole thing was made of steel and was heaving quite perceptively.’ agreeable in a sentence. They were very, very responsive . What does agreeable expression mean? (she grew confused) is agreeable to us, and I accept your offer. Wagner A wise man finds agreeable, A dog that's learned its lesson well. agreeable (plural agreeables) . The truth is, that Hume's notion of moral approbation was very loose, as is sufficiently shown by the list of " useful and agreeable " qualities which he considers worthy of approbation. How to use agreeable in a sentence. Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. An example of someone who is agreeable is a person who goes along with the plans that a group of friends have made regarding where to have dinner. agreeable year round climate have ensured that there are a good selection of quality golf courses present. Noun []. agreeable adj adjective: Describes a noun or pronoun--for example, "a tall girl," "an interesting book," "a big house." conforming to your own liking or feelings or nature Last update: July 27, 2015. Their hopes centred in the young Carignano, whose agreeable manners had endeared him to all, and who had many friends among the Liberals and Carbonari. More words agora agorae in a sentence agoraphobia in a sentence agoraphobic in a sentence agrarian in a sentence agrarian revolution in a sentence … At the edge of the divan, close enough for me to … The British resident, Major Burney, who had been appointed in 1830, finding his presence at Ava agreeable neither to the king nor to himself, removed in 1837 to Rangoon, and shortly afterwards retired from the country. Alex cautioned that it would seriously reduce their odds of success, but they and the surrogate mother were agreeable to twins, if it should happen. The ISA or Putumayo, west of and parallel to the Yapur�was found more agreeable to navigate by Crevaux. Meaning, pronunciation, picture, example sentences, grammar, usage notes, synonyms and more. Pythagoras advised, "Choose always the way that seems the best however rough it may be, custom will soon render it easy and agreeable." This page has a vast collection of Agreeable example sentences. The customer has the right to carry out periodic audits at times mutually agreeable to both parties. Agreeable_Sentence 10 post karma 12 comment karma send a private message redditor for 1 year. Consider throwing a joint shower together, if others are agreeable. 3. Click for more examples 1. He was compelled to send Wasif, the personal enemy of Ibn Khasib, to the frontier for a term of four years, and then to deprive his two brothers Motazz and Mowayyad, who were not agreeable to them, of their right of succession. He is very agreeable to the information being put on the web site. Yet in his misery he was still an agreeable companion. He had insinuating manners and could make himself very agreeable if he chose; but he was mean, treacherous, rapacious, suspicious and horribly vindictive. It is an exceptionally healthy locality, and the steep shore and open downs make it an agreeable summer resort. He was quite agreeable to accepting the plan. Agreeableness is a personality trait manifesting itself in individual behavioral characteristics that are perceived as kind, sympathetic, cooperative The Agreeable Surprise is a 1781 comic opera to music by Samuel Arnold and a libretto by John O Keeffe. … The vines are trailed on treiliswork, and form agreeable avenues in the gardens of Cairo. We need to find a compromise that … Times, Sunday Times (2008) He now looked like a man who has time to think of the impression he makes on others, but is occupied with agreeable and interesting work. Prepared to agree or consent. The coldest months are June, July and August, during which the temperature is very agreeable, averaging 53.6°, 51 7°, and 54° in those months respectively.