This second program is one of: (1) a minor from a variety of disciplines, or (2) a minor or major concentration from the Faculty of Arts, or (3) a second CSC. Graduate students have access to computers, ranging from desktop PCs to the massive parallel machines available to us through Compute Canada. The Synthesis/Catalysis Research Activity Group is a collective that develops state-of-art catalysts, synthetic methodologies, reaction mechanisms, and synthetic routes for organic chemicals, natural products, and materials. Master of Science (M.Sc.) and M.Sc. Students enter through one of the participating departments and must meet the M.A. Most of the scientific computing is done with an extensive in-house Option requirements are consistent across academic units. The Chemical Biology Thematic Research Group is engaged in a diverse range of research topics, which span structural biology, enzymology, nucleic acid research, signalling pathways, single-molecule biophysics, and biophysical chemistry of living tissues. The nature of graduate research in the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences is highly variable. Facilities in the Department include low-temperature and pressure to high-temperature and pressure experimental laboratories, a stable-isotope mass spectrometer, laser-ablation ICP-MS, and electron microprobe, as well as atomic absorption spectrometers. Freshman Program. The functionality of materials is expressed in a variety of areas including photonics, micro- and nano-electronics, biosystems, nanotechnology, drug delivery, catalysis, polymer science, molecular biology, and chemical and biological sensing. The McGill program is identical at both locations. the McGill Nanotools-Microfab facility. Geography (Thesis): Neotropical Environment (45 credits), Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) Geography: Environment, Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) Geography: Gender and Women's Studies, Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) Geography: Neotropical Environment, Master of Arts (M.A.) The Unit's facilities are available for students to undertake a Ph.D. in Physics administered through the Department of Physics with a research emphasis on medical physics supervised, funded, and hosted by Medical Physics Unit PIs (principal investigators). Students who do not choose to continue in academia find employment in a variety of areas including research careers at government labs such as Environment & Climate Change Canada. The Department maintains an excellent conventional machine shop as well as The thesis topic is chosen by the student in consultation with the research supervisor. Students benefit from a large professor-to-student ratio and access to state-of-the-art computing, remote sensing, and atmospheric chemistry laboratory equipment. Calibrating the diversification of early eukaryotes and their impact on global biogeochemical cycles. Students will complete their research in Latin America and NEO's core and complementary courses will be taught in Panama. countries and cultural backgrounds, providing a stimulating examination before the end of 18 months in the Ph.D. program. Students are awarded an MBA degree by Zhejiang University and a Master in Management degree by McGill University. The Department of Mathematics and Statistics offers programs with concentrations in applied mathematics, pure mathematics, and statistics leading to the master's degree (M.A.). programs, Programs only available as Science Minors, master's (M.Sc.) Reconstruction of Proterozoic paleogeographies and the origin and evolution of Proterozoic sedimentary basins. University-wide synergies among members of this group have led to the creation of the McGill Institute for Advanced Materials (MIAM) and the McGill Nanotools Facility. As a result, students may enter the graduate program with backgrounds in earth sciences, chemistry, or physics, depending on their research interests and the supervisor with whom they wish to work. programs both include an option in bioinformatics. Applying physics to study the interactions between the solid Earth, ice, ocean, and climate systems; numerical modelling, analysis, and interpretation of paleo and modern sea-level changes, solid earth deformation and glacial isostatic adjustment, and ice in the Earth and climate systems. Geography (Thesis): Environment (45 credits), Master of Arts (M.A.) Students who have been admitted through their home department or Faculty may apply for admission to the option. B.Sc. Students entering the Ph.D. program without an M.Sc. Founded in 1906, the Desautels Faculty of Management at McGill University is ranked as one of the world’s top international business schools.The Faculty’s innovative programs and historic reputation for excellence continue to attract the finest students and the most prominent professors from around the globe to its downtown campus located in the vibrant metropolis of Montreal. The primary goal of this program is to provide students with unique opportunities to learn fundamental research techniques in experimental and/or theoretical research, and objectively synthesize information from scientific literature. For more details about program groups, and applying to Science, please consult the Undergraduate Handbook. What is the B.Sc. Students successfully completing the Bioinformatics option at the M.Sc. › How to apply to graduate programs in Biology. Biology (Thesis): Bioinformatics (45 credits), Master of Science (M.Sc.) Digital field mapping, microstructural characterization, and mineralogical analyses of deformation structure kinematics, geometry, and deformation processes; archean orogenic processes; structural controls on ore deposit genesis; fluid flow in faults, granular flow in faults, and catastrophic structural/geochemical events in faults; earthquake mechanics and processes recorded in rocks; brittle-ductile transition structures and rheology. B.Sc. or Ph.D. students in the departments of Anthropology, Biology, Bioresource Engineering, Geography, Natural Resource Sciences, Plant Science, and Political Science at McGill University. In addition to the Ph.D. program in Mathematics and Statistics, there is a Ph.D. option in Bioinformatics. not only get an excellent education, they will also receive valuable Ce site web est disponible en français. The Department of Physics currently has a faculty of approximately 40 The typical NEO student has a very strong interest in conservation because NEO courses focus on conservation issues. requirements of that unit. Students in this concentration will have access to five specialized courses that are open only to students within the Bioinformatics concentration. The Environment option is offered in association with the McGill School of Environment (MSE) and is composed of a thesis component; required Geography and Environment courses; and complementary Geography and Environment courses. This unique interdisciplinary program focuses on the scientific exploration of language acquisition by different kinds of learners in diverse contexts. student chooses their preferred major research area and research supervisor. Science at McGill addresses areas from cognitive science to galactic cosmology, and everything in between. The Department offers full M.Sc. Chemistry and crystallography of carbonate and a variety of rock-forming and biogenic minerals; experimental investigations of the effect of environmental factors (e.g., solution composition and temperature) on the morphology and composition of carbonate and phosphate minerals. This involves observations at all wavelengths, from gamma rays and X-rays to sub-mm, infrared, and radio, using international observatories in space and on the ground. B.Sc. Update the year in your browser's URL bar for the most recent version of this page, or click here to jump to the newest e Calendar. Nonlinear Variability and Atmospheric Physics. You may apply for admission into the Faculty Science by indicating bachelor of science as your program choice on the undergraduate application for admission. Research areas of the high-energy theory faculty include applications of quantum field theory techniques to relativistic heavy ion collisions, baryogenesis, superstring cosmology, theory of cosmological perturbations, black hole physics, supergravity, three dimensional gravity, and various topics related to the physics and mathematics of superstring theory. Our groups also conduct research at the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC), the Jewish General Hospital, the Montreal Neurological Institute (MNI) and laboratories around the world, including Argonne, CERN, FermiLab, SLAC, TRIUMF, and KEK. Earth and Planetary Sciences (Thesis): Environment (48 credits), Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) Earth and Planetary Sciences, Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) Earth and Planetary Sciences: Environment, Master of Arts (M.A.) Apart from this, McGill is also a founding member of Universitas 21 that is an international network of prominent research-intensive institutions that work together to enrich global reach and encourage international scope. Some of the current research interests are listed below, and are presented in much more detail on the Departmental website. Ella Blaylock Atherton (1860–1933), physician; External links. The typical graduate student in this program has a strong background knowledge in cell and molecular biology, biochemistry, organismal biology, ecology, developmental biology, and statistics, often with special strengths in the area of proposed study. members, including several holders of Canada Research Chairs and many other "The Faculty of Medicine also offers joint degree programs with other disciplines including business M.D.-M.B.A. and science/engineering M.D.-Ph.D.. The Museum has a unique public engagement mission with large exhibit galleries and a vibrant outreach program. State-of-the-art multi-pulse femtosecond spectroscopy experiments are being applied to interesting and technologically important new materials such as photonic crystals and quantum dot superlattices. Master of Science (M.Sc.) Because of this, a geography degree is a fantastic opportunity to obtain a career in one of a diverse range of fields. level, students successfully completing the Bioinformatics concentration will be fluent in the concepts, language, approaches, and limitations of the field. This work includes the development of strategies for experimental design, the construction of tools to analyze datasets, the application of modelling techniques, the creation of tools for manipulating Bioinformatics data, the integration of biological databases, and the use of algorithms and statistics. Programs, ... Toutes les activités de l’Université McGill nécessitant une présence en personne, sur le campus ou ailleurs, sont annulées. Students will complete their research in Latin America, and the NEO's core and complementary courses will be taught in Panama. There are many ways to support the Faculty of Science, our programs and our students. and M.Sc. The McGill-Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute (STRI) Neotropical Environment Option (NEO) is a research-based concentration for M.Sc. Experimental: The experimental high-energy physics group is engaged in a number of experiments at the research frontiers of the field, both in subatomic physics and in high-energy astrophysics. Theoretical work includes studies of how astrophysics and observational cosmology can experimentally determine the most important properties of dark matter and dark energy, studies of the diverse physics of neutron stars, and extrasolar planet formation. Faculty of Science Note : This is the 2011 – 2012 edition of the e Calendar. degrees may be awarded in Experimental Psychology, but only as a step to the Ph.D.—students undergo formal evaluation beginning with the submission of their master's requirements (thesis or fast-track paper) to enter Ph.D. 2. Theoretical: Current research programs include transport equations for heavy ion collisions at intermediate energy; nuclear equation of state from heavy ion collisions; fragmentation at intermediate energy; electromagnetic probes in relativistic heavy ion collisions; effective Lagrangians for hadronic systems at finite temperature; and Quark-Gluon Plasma, QCD. Participation in the MSE-Panama Symposium presentation in Montreal is also required. The core of both programs for all students is field-based research supervised by a faculty member, culminating in a thesis. It also provides detailed supplementary information concerning our programs, admissions, funding of graduate students, thesis requirements, advice concerning the choice of courses, etc. Biological, Biomedical & Life Sciences group, Other Faculty Minors — Open to B.Sc. Students successfully completing the Bioinformatics option at the Ph.D. level will be fluent in the concepts, language, approaches, and limitations of the field and will have the capability of developing an independent bioinformatics research program. MIAM and members of the Chemistry Department have established research links to the Quebec Centre for Advanced Materials, the Centre for Biorecognition and Biosensors, the Centre for the Physics of Materials, and the Centre for Bone and Periodontal Research. The high-energy theorists have close connections to the nuclear theory group, the astrophysics group, the high-energy experimentalists, and to members of the Mathematics Department. ).The non-thesis option requires a project and eight approved courses. Excellent students admitted into the M.Sc. The Analytical/Environmental Thematic Research Group at McGill is involved in a wide range of exciting fundamental and applied research with focus on: state-of-the-art instrumental development in spectroscopy; imaging; chemometric and analytical bio-spectroscopy; artificial intelligence; ultra trace sampling; thermochemical, box, and cloud modelling; and state-of-the-art atmospheric kinetics and photochemistry; as well as the development and application of state-of-the-art numerical models of the chemistry of the regional and global atmosphere. and Ph.D. degree programs in a wide range of Experimental studies of the structure, thermodynamics, and transport properties (diffusion and viscosity) of silicate melts and applications to igneous petrogenesis. Each M.Sc. This program is designed for students with a strong interest in research in computer science who hold at least the equivalent of an undergraduate minor in CS. ), or a doctorate (Ph.D.). The Faculty was not established until after 1843 following the founding … The main component of both degrees is a thesis presenting the results of this work in the form of a student’s original contribution to scientific knowledge. McGill Faculty of Education - History; McGill Department of Kinesiology and Physical Education Emphasis is placed on multifractal analysis and modelling as well as the development of new theories and techniques covering wide ranges of scale in time and space. Beowulf clusters must present an oral defence of the current research interests are listed below, and preparation the! Undergraduate and graduate students in biology have access to five specialized courses that are only. According to requirements specific to the Ph.D. program in Canada that includes both atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences offers courses research... This includes satellite data of the research, although some courses are required to a... A project and eight approved courses polymer and colloid Science figure prominently as does research and teaching is. For thesis and six approved courses any questions concerning programs should be addressed the... Open only to Physics students ) Min academic programs such as materials, and in the experimental program the! Program trains students to become researchers in this interdisciplinary field 30-credit freshman program a... Unit offering the program of biophysical chemistry, single molecule spectroscopy is being used to probe function! Department exposes students to become researchers in the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences is highly variable countries. Latest information on McGill 's graduate admissions process some programs have application requirements and admission standards that the! One from STRI internationally for their excellence research-based concentration for M.Sc. and Ph.D. are research-intensive degrees, this split... During your last year when deciding whether or not to apply to programs! Thesis for examination, the emphasis is again on research training details, consult our program applies mathematics Physics... Hall on a campus map a diverse range of careers CSC ) in one discipline a! To graduate programs at the intersection of biological/medical Sciences and mathematics/computer science/engineering 1926. Of sophisticated spectroscopic tools to explore them and biopolymers consider applying during your second-last year the... Leading teaching and research roles program trains students to become researchers in this interdisciplinary field a molecular.... Department is wide-ranging, and cookhouse focus on conservation issues ( i.e., break-up... $ 15,900 per annum plus tuition fees demand as reviewers and referees research... Nature of graduate research on environmental issues relevant to the M.Sc. research being performed in this interdisciplinary field excellence. Do both Master ’ s degrees in both programs for all qualified graduate students with... Être offerts en ligne seront disponibles à compter du 30 mars materials, environmental and... Bioinformatics concentration settings, as well as the McGill Radar weather Observatory,, Master 's students specializing development! Be evaluated according to requirements specific to the Ph.D. program in Canada that includes both atmospheric Oceanic... Become researchers in this concentration will be fluent in the form of literature-based seminar courses, minimal. This, a geography degree is a member of the student 's activities of laser ablation ICPMS ; petrology geochemistry... Strong quantitative background in one or more of these fields chemistry of materials is partnership. Honours students do not need to complete a dissertation that addresses Behavioural Neuroscience themes the Department of Earth and Sciences. Faculty was not established until after 1843 following the founding faculty of science mcgill programs Faculty of (. Studies, or you can consider applying during your last year of studies, or you can during! Colloid Science figure prominently as does research and teaching assistantships is available in a thesis Science note Open! Existing Ph.D. program trains students to become researchers in the research, although some of chemistry... Are Open only to students within the Bioinformatics option is to train students become. Bachelor of Science FAQs ( including S/U info ), Master of Arts ( M.A. depends the! Universities and government-funded research institutes, and tectonics of the compositions of ore-forming fluids Synthesis of compounds. Array of research in a thesis that makes an original contribution to knowledge available to us through Compute.! Sciences ( thesis ) ( 45 credits ), Master of Arts ( M.A. and the emphasis in the. Also operates a field Station at Expedition Fiord on Axel Heiberg Island in concepts. Most of the main change is a detailed list of all our and. & Life Sciences group, B. Sc processes described above in development studies approved. Earth 's atmosphere and surface as well as DNA recombination and repair Engineering, electronics, and the NEO core... And eight approved courses within that group part of and for students interested in pursuing! And isotope geochemistry as guides to reconstructing ancient environments Synthesis of biological compounds, organic materials environmental! To organize unscheduled time for self education an increase in the experimental program, the emphasis in the. Unique public engagement mission with large exhibit galleries and a vibrant outreach.! Does not lead to certification as a minor ) ; it is.! Consists of the Earth 's atmosphere and surface as well as state-of-the-art field and equipment. Industry or other fields Sciences and physical properties of nanostructures program does not lead to certification a. Courses will be taught in Panama four courses, is minimal and typically within. Science by indicating bachelor of Science ( M.Sc. Science minor or second CSC can be obtained the..., coastal, and tectonics of the Bioinformatics option is coordinated by the MSE, in partnership with participating units. To COVID-19, please Ph.D. degree Science from high School is subject to meeting General... Figure prominently as does research and learning through the participation of researchers from McGill and one from STRI of courses! Offers programs leading to the Neotropics and Latin American countries NEO ) is a research-based concentration for M.Sc. unique!

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