The phone field returns what? HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. The progress tag is used to represent the progress of the task only while the meter tag is used to measure data within a given range. It is used for form validation. Applicants can check the HTML skills by taking part in the HTML Online Test. Keywords are also referred to as reserved words. The
tag is only one way to separate lines of text. Required fields are marked *, dear sir, i want to know about textbox in html code how to count entered text box self numbers. 2) – This tag represents a key-pair generator field. please give any code on that, you should use javascript for that…the input string you have taken e.g. 43) Can I specify fractional weight values such as 670 or 973 for font weight? It is a standard text formatting language which is used to create and display pages on the Web. The default size for a text field is around 13 characters. False Ans: B 2. Who is sometimes called as Father of AngularJS? Comments in HTML begins with “”. These templates can be linked to several different web pages, making it easy to maintain and change the look and feel of all the web pages within site. Unordered list - The unordered list displays elements in bulleted format. It is used to add sound or music files on the web page. The HTML