They thought it was a cameraman’s error and returned to Nasarawa State to take more pictures but the villagers hinted that the earlier fate would befall the new set of pictures unless sacrifices were made to the tree! I don’t know if it’s useful, but all I found is this: “Maca is botanically called Lepidium meyenii belongs to the family Cruciferae. Please what are the yoruba names of Golden seal, phyllantus, echinacea, uchea plant, thanks. The Yoruba parents only speak English to their offspring in Yorubaland. Nnchanwu is ogbo and zobo is hausa so is a lot of the other herb names from other tribes. Thanks for your contribution.I will like to know the botanical name of these following leaves…Ewe ela, Ewe imi esu, ewe agogo ,Ewe esisi, ewe aje,ewe orijin,ewe olojongbodu,ewe wowo,ewe lapalapa funfun ati pupa,ewe ajeobale,ewe eti ponla,ewe tanarerinkomi,ewe tanagbowo,ewe agunmona,ewe afomo ajade,ewe adosusu,ewe yeesi,ewe ogo. thanks, Hello friends of the Earth, i appriciate you recognise our native and traditional way of healing as Africans and more importantly as Yorubas, if any body need help and advise about healing on our African herbs, root, stem e.t.c, on the uses, preparation, and health benefit and also how to source for the authentic herbs that will work just as our great ground father do it. 1.wheatgrass Hello, Owen. Grape is girepu, pear is péa, avocados are afokado, banana is Ọ̀gẹ̀dẹ̀ wẹ́wẹ́. Ekspertë dhe specialistë të fushave të ndryshme që përzgjedhin dhe analizojnë informacionet si dhe përgatisin biografi, dossier, dhe axhenda. Licorice is omisimisi. I think that pako ata is the Fagara zanthoxyloides, known in English as fagara. What is the English name for Bara? I think there should be much more available because so many people are searching for this information. Thanks, pls what is :slippery elm in yoruba and yoruba and English name for Oregano, Jorjette, thanks for teaching us what we supposed to have known. Hello, dear Jide. Most churches in Yorubaland only glorify foreign culture and tradition by conducting their services in English language! I took my time out and actually read everything on this page. You mean this Saga Tree (Adenanthera Pavonina)? Increases immunity, it’s a natural source of K vitamin, it helps in pancreatic cancer. vitamin C and vitamin A. The yoruba name for lemon is ọsan wẹwẹ and for orange is orombo. Thank you very much for your help. Hi. Thank you so much for this info on Yoruba names of plants, herbs and spices. Moreso, what is the food diet and natural ways/herbs to go when you notice you are going pot-belly? The Yoruba believe that sickness is a whim or punishment of a specific god or ancestor, who must be identified and placated, or else is caused by witchcraft for which the appropriate countercharm must be employed. Please what is the Yoruba name for Hello Admin, What is the name of this following herbs. Pls… What is the yoruba name for Griffonia? bilberry white radish – whitening medicine I commend your great work of research. Thank you for the good job. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. :* Hugs from me, also! Hello, Jil. Source: An Ethnobotanical Survey of Herbal Markets and Medicinal Plants in Lagos State of Nigeria (PDF) of yoruba names for herbs and plants. Carrots are karots, corn is oka/agbado, cucumbers are kokunba. This information is so useful. Hello, Adeleye. pls I need vitex serious and some oda details.08026822539.ur assistance is very necessary. It really helps JC thanks,still need the Yoruba name for fennel seed and red clover. . What is the name of ashwagandha plant in yoruba. butcher’s broom c. Datura leaf Sandalwood I observed that people do not have time to read, so it is easy for them just to ask again.Maybe somebody will answer. cascara sagrada. Gob bless ma. so do more of researching. I thank you. Thanks so much for the information. Please whats the name of Ewe Efinrin in English language. Hello, Ruby! Thanks real big… Orí Adé a gbè yín oooo. God bless u. Pls what is d Yoruba name for cinnamon,sandalwood,(not camwood) &mint leaf? Lico rice is oju olongbo red and black in color, Adupe lopolopo for the effort here and the presentation.I trust that your presentation would have perked the interest of many in Yoruba pharmacology. I am sorry for the question, but this is really amazing. Dongoyaro is Hausa and not Igbo, it means tall child,ASHWAGANDHA is of Indian origin. 4. So, the brat didn’t know lemon and lime? Big thanks to the author. Thanks for all your updates, am really pleased. Lavender Thank you. As I know, mint leaves are Mintii.I also found that kiwi is ẹyẹ odò, but I’m not completely sure. God bless u. most of the plants are non-native to nigeria, so they may not have yoruba names. Relevant information might include strained relations with family or neighbors who might have deliberately or unwittingly put a curse on the patient. Cypres Please is there any home ready for pimples for a lady that is close to her thirties… The woman has helped you dindinrin by putting her picture on the page gbagada-gbagada! Please what is the yoruba and igbo name for maple? Infact am highly impressed & inspired about this site. You’re a live saver, your information. You ll be amazed at how many people are waiting for your reply on that. ... “I think the training has been a big health benefit. pls what is the English name for Ewe abeyin so. Vitex also known as Chaste Tree Berry (Vitex agnus-castus), Let’s join this wonderful author to bring back nature and ancient ways of healthy living back to Africa… NIGERIA ESPECAILLY. Thanks for also contributing to this mistake.In Ghana too they make the same mistakes.likewise HYSSOP and PURSLANE.In most African countries they used purslane as Hyssop. ahh! I need to know the vulgar name for “dyschoriste perrottetii” in yoruba is gbómopon but I need the common name. Hardie, a Forest Officer at Sapoba Forest Reserve. Please what is the English name of these Physic nut, termite plant, Barbados nut, fig nut – eto-mkpo, Monodora myristica – abo lakoshe, arigho, eyinaghose. Spinach – Spinacia oleracea – Obedo, Ewe tutu, Ede. Please can you help me with the yoruba name of fennel seeds,blessed thistle root,fenugreek seeds,saw palmetto, please what is the yoruba name for lemon orange. Yoruba parents of nowadays can see how stupid they have been. astragalus I am looking for the yourba name for senna leave (senna augustifola), anyone with an answer? Dandelion in yoruba is efo yanrin(tone sound is m r: yan rin) or efo awon agba or ewe isenbaye. tanx for other information. Vitex or chaseberry, Maca, Red Raspberry, Dong Quai, Dandelion, Black Cohosh, Red clover, and Nettles. You may pls give the Yoruba name(s) of the following life saving plants : The generic name, Okoubaka, comes from oku baka, the name in Anyi (an Ivory Coast language) meaning “death tree”. to exercise regularly, to reduce the stress. Hello, Kolawole and welcome here. How is it used? Piper guineense is commonly called West African Black Pepper or Ashanti pepper (Uziza in Igbo and Ata iyere in Yoruba).Sorghum bicolor belongs to the plant family Poaceae. Well done. Hello, Keji! The answer is coming in a text I found on internet and it’s sound like this: “Thus, the Odu specifies the healing processes. Pls can u help me with the english names of Alukurogbaja plant , Osomolupa plant and Opipi omi plant, Am so excited to be a life and withness this great adeal that you are given to us may almighty God bless you very much is mr chima friday, I give you 3 Kudos and gbosa for your effort s. Thanking you so much for the research, You are blessed in Jesus. Lying bitches! a very good job, God bless you real Good. As for the celery, I don’t know, yet :). Please what is Yoruba name for Houseleek and please where can I buy from?Thank you. Also is there a Yoruba name for Celery and Kidney Beans? KIDNEY FAILURE: the kidney can stop functioning, if … Tribulus (Tribulus terrestris), Epo Jebo Garlic is ajo, lettuce is letusi, olives are olifu. To Aderemi. Chamomile First off, I would like to take this opportunity to thank yo immensely, Ms. Jorjette C. May our Yoruba ancestors also thank and guide you. Thank you. Please how does one treat someone that is afflicted by eta in Yoruba parlance? Pls What is the yoruba name for willow bark. If you’re not already a member, refresh on some of the benefits the ATA has to offer. What is the scientific name of ewe tebaje. Please, what is the Yoruba name for Lepidium meyenii? Today, ATA and ATA-1, are considered obsolete. Thanks as I awaits your reply soon. dandelion is called Efo EBOLO. I rely like this site but what am looking for I have not find it and if u can reply me your answer I ‘ll be very happy, wat is Yoruba for ceylon. Pls kindly tell me the yoruba or igbo name for ipomoea jalapa. Emi-wewe Thanks. please what is castor seed called in Yoruba. It is called Ako in Edo, Nkarika in Ibibio, Mmimi in Igbo, and Ata igbere in Yoruba. If you want to know others, just post a comment! If you want to treat annovulation, you should consider to eat a nourishing diet, rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, Kindly help with the name of Apricots in Yoruba. i totally dig these information ! PLANTS,SEEDS, herbs,BOTANICS should not be misused.. It also lowers the cholesterol levels. I noticed however that twice the name of Bay leaf in Yoruba was asked but you dud not respond. It makes a refreshing non-alcoholic beverage, kunu-zaki (in Hausa), and tasty pap, akamu (in Ibo), and thick porridge or porage, tuwo dawa (in Hausa). Respect for family and ancestors is so deep that when Yoruba people die, they are buried under the floor of the family house. Their spirits remain with and protect the family. I hope it’s helpful! 7.Celery, Thanks for the good work Please what is yoruba name for acacia tree, Hello, Joshua. thank you for these information. Imagine a supposed Yoruba child asking “what is Yoruba name for lemon orange”? 3. Hello, Samson. What is ewe ori oterin? My Last Line: Fenugreek is ewedu in yoruba, Ahuhaa in igbo and hulba in Hausa. What is the English name for RINRIN, a very small edible vegetable plant with shiny small leaves and many long, thin stalks bearing seeds. The founding flavors Fresh Mint, Wild Rose Cherry, Spicy Lemon Ginger are all uniquely formulated to bear the full benefit of their natural, un-compromised, ingredients. It’s very very educative & encouraging. Sorry for waiting so long, but the yoruba name for tamarind – Tamarindus indica – is ajagbon. The yoruba name for licorice is ewe omisinmisin. Thanks in advance! The English name for Ebolo vegetable is Yoruban bologi. Cactus “I refer to the Research Note by O.A Akinpelu on Igi-nla, [botanical name Okoubaka aubrevillei] in Vol 75, pp 92-96. Bitter melon is used for deep skin infections and wounds. 8. tremella – lungs. For genital herpes I recommend baking soda. Holarrhena Floribunda – Holarrhenna – Ako-ire, are-ibeji, areno, isai, Cymbopogon citratus – lemon grass – Ewe tea, Oko oba, Emilia coccineus – Scarlet tassel flower – odundun-odo, Peperomia pellucida – Silver bush – Renren, Bryophyllum pinnatum – Life plant – Abamoda, Vernonia amygdalina – Bitter leaf – Ewuro, Nicotiana tabacum – Virginia tobacco – Ewe taba, Allium ascalonicum – Onion – alubosa gambari, alubosa keta, elubasa, Amaranthus spinosa – spiny amaranth – Tete elegun, Amaranthus viridis – slender amaranth – tete- abalaye, Bryophyllum pinnatum – mother of millions – Odundun Abamoda, Heliotropium indicum – scorpion weed – Ogbe ori akuko, Agogo igun, Manihot esculenta – cassava, tapioca, manioc, yucca – Gbaguda, Ege, Momordica charantia – bitter melon, bitter gourd, balsam pear – Ejinrin were, Ocimum basilicum – Basil – Efinrin wewe, ofen, eferi, efinrin aruntantan, efinrin ata, efinrin marugbosanyan, efinrin aja, Ricinus communis – Castor oil plant – lava pupa, Laa funfun, Anacardium occidentale – cashew nut tree – Kausu, Cucuma doonestica valeton cucuma longe – turmeric – atale, atale pupa. please what us the english name for ewe rerin komi. I want to know if I can get it here in Nigeria. When the plants were 12 – 18 inches tall, adjacent seedlings began to die, and the okuobisi were discarded. chamomile – skin I’m a fan of your site already. This will be much appreciated if the names are given in the three major 9ja languages! Lavander in yoruba is oruko ewko kan. Calendula officinalis – pot marigold is Ododo-Maria in yoruba. ATAY encourages you to recycle your used packaging where facilities exist. And Ewe onigelegele, Wow it useful but I also need white Willow tree in yoruba. The Italian and his Nigerian partner asserted as a matter of fact that none of the still or video pictures they took of a Baobab tree in a village somewhere in Nasarawa State could be printed or played back when they returned to base. Pls keep it up, its so educative. The yoruba name for sage – salvia officinalis is Kiriwi. Pls in yoruba omisinmisin is of two type, Omisinmisin gogoro and Omisinmisin itakun ; pls which one is Licorise out of the two, Licorise (Licorice) has the latin name “Glycyrrhiza glabra” and in Yoruba is called “likorisi ni”. Antidesma rufescens, Please what is d Yoruba name for mint leaf nd flax seed. 6.Saffron i love tha so helpful. Thanks, what is the name for Lavender flower and how can I get it. In treating diseases caused by angry gods, sacrifices may be made to the god in question, but special care must be taken not to make other gods jealous in the process. Coriander aka Cilantro or Chinese parsley is ‘Lansir’ in Hausa, Ewedu in yoruba, mirinder in Nigeria. Thanks. 7. Good day, Ebunoluwa pls efo yanrin is wild lettuce not dandelion. 5.Chamomile It has the effect of calming the patient and engendering a more positive frame of mind. I know some of you are olodo rabata (poor students); also, a number of you idiots are hypocritical imbeciles. Thanks a lot for the work u have been doing pls what is Yoruba name for parsley. Please what do yoruba called comfrey(knite-bone)Or what it called in any nigeria language.I can even pay for it. I wish I could have an answer for each, but I can’t! As I found, ewe ejirin is Ground Cucurbitaceae. At the end of this process, the pattern left in the sand tray corresponds to one of the 256 verses of the Odu, which the balabwo interprets for the patient. Thank You. You can reach me on 08039282544. The yoruba name of the dandelion leaf can be ìrù eku! Onion is alubsa, peppers are ata, potatoes are anamo. "Non GMOs" means that if a bioengineered version of an ingredient exists, we don't use it. Please, what is the native name for tea tree in Yoruba? Please here is my email nd I will appreciate if you can help me out with it. Dandelion is foreign we dont have it in Nigeria but the closest we have is wild lettuce. Hello, Adeola. The leaf extract has been discovered to inhibit the growth of human prostate cancer cell. What is the Yoruba name for Tribulus terrestris, Well done, I need to know the yoruba meaning of saffron. Jorjette.. Igi nla / OKOUKOBAKA aubrevielleui is also called Igi ASE., and you can order it from the Homeopathic section of your Pharmacy as a TINCTURE. There had been lots of misconception on it. Hi Oluyemi, on behalf of the author, the Yoruba name for dandelion is efo yanrin. You you have an oral herpes, then use a honey and propolis mixture. Yoruba name for vitex agnus is oori eta. But, i need help! After removing this mask, she can use an oil or nothing. In the Flora of West Tropical Africa, ed, 2 (Keay, 1958) and Trees of Nigeria (Keay, 1989), it was placed in the family Octoknemataceae, but was later moved to the family Santalaceae (see Burkill, The Useful Plants of West Tropical Africa, ed, 2, Vol. Bitter melon is used for stomach and intestinal disorders including gastrointestinal upset, ulcers, colitis, constipation, and intestinal worms. The outcome of each set of 4 throws is marked in a sandtray with a single or double line. I really love this. tank u. Hi Julius! I also thank you for the nice words and for the contribute! Pls I want to know the translation of this following 4.Raisins Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Hi, Adeola. Hello Ms /Mrs J, this write up is much appreciated. It is powerful and I’m willing to share the powerful knowledge with anyone that helped me get the name in Yoruba. Our own Yoruba language in our Yorubaland has now become a vernacular? The tree is said to prevent any undergrowth forming beneath it – although some species are immune to the effect. Vitex agnus cactus its a tree, and there are many species from the same family. a.Sanguinarine (blood root) Thanks for the beautiful work, may God almighty continue to strengthing you , Asa wa onipare. I commend Ms. Jorjette C., for being so patient with some of you. You can find it now in markets there and what can I say its that yoruba people call it Celerimikunola igbo people call it Celerynkechi and hausa people call it Celeryharam. 9. Massage and dietary prescription were applied. Fennel seeds assists breasfeeding women with milk production,, for fluid retention,etc,, NOT “”TO ADD IN WEIGHT’’’. C’mon Shani, if you know so much where is your contribution. I need information abt this. this is rich, kindly keep it up, I also thank for your positive feedback! bugleweed black walnut hull :). Please what is the scientific name of igi nla and ewe rebate. What is best herbs treatment for epilepsy, .my daughter of 15yrs just started it 7yrs ago. Pls what is saw palmetto in yoruba language. Where can we get it ? What is the Yoruba name for rosemary plant. Plz What is the English name for “Ewe Ato” (yoruba name). It is an eyesore – if Carr is not taken, so shall it be! Thanks for the information. In some part of the world, it is also called vitex agnus castus and can indeed reduce prolactin levels and increase the production of a hormone called progesterone. Cinnamon Pls, what is the Yoruba name for green tea? ATA Membership Benefits. “. Your email address will not be published. Garlic is ajo, lettuce is letusi, olives are olifu. please ,what is the yoruba name for cowslip (primula officinalis). Thanks so much for this page. Celery Please where are you from, 2. are you getting this things by inspirations? What are the use of jahtropha ewelapalapa leave and the seeds, can the leaves be eating as vegetables. ATA's primary goals include fostering and supporting the professional development of translators and interpreters and promoting the translation and interpreting professions. 2. The case was treated as an emergency case by applying herbal remedies such as ointment prepared with palm tree. You should also consider using fertility herbs: Tribulus (Tribulus terrestris), Vitex also known as Chaste Tree Berry (Vitex agnus-castus), Shatavari (Asparagus racemosus), Maca (Lepidium meyenii). USDA Organic regulations stipulate that crops are produced without using irradiation, sewage sludge, synthetic fertilizers, prohibited pesticides or genetically modified organisms. Thank you Ms. Jorgette C. for this good work! *****In responding to the persons who requested for Tribulus,,, it is INDIAN AYURVEDIC medicine, not YO’BA or YORUBAIC Nature medicine****, wat is the Yoruba name for lactuca scariola and cichorium intybus urgent pls, Pls what is the Yoruba name for lactuca scariola and cichorium intybus. Please what the name of dandelion leaf in yoruba of any Nigeria communicative language that will help in getting it from market pls Urgently needed for anyone who can help. What is it used for? West African black pepper/Ashanti pepper (Piper guineense, Uziza in Igbo and Ata iyere in Yoruba; Phyllanthus amarus – ehin olobe or eyin olobe in Yoruba ... preparation, and health benefit and also how to source for the authentic herbs that will work just as our great ground father do it. I beg u in the name of God,I need yoruba names of the following: The yoruba name for Aframomum danielli is Atare oboro. Keep it up. b. Chaga (a mushroom) Thank you. I wonder why you Christian fundamentalists are now running up and down looking for our Yoruba herbs, leaves, and roots for healing since your “Jesus” is supposed to “heal” you! Hello, Omolara. Dictionary of Medicinal and Poisonous Plants – Yoruba Names, World Dictionary of Grasses  – Yoruba Grass Name, Just want to thank you for this wonderful information about Yoruba medicine and Some herbs in yoruba language. what is the yoruba name for licorice root? Atay uses a base of freshly brewed tea and is always organic, vegan, low calorie, and packed with antioxidants. I would appreciate it if you answer my question, thanks, Please what is Slippery Elm plant in Yoruba. Thanks, Pls, kindly help with d name of parsley in yoruba Tanx n God bless. pls what is the Botanical and yoruba name for Fenugreek Later ewe ato (Chasmonthera Dependens) was added with ewe abirikoto (Crotalaria Lachophora), ewe odu (Solanum Americanum), the cobra’s fat and an egg to completely remove the scars on the burnt body.”, In this text (book) i also found some yoruba names: i have never heard it called hulba, and i was born and bred in the north, This is awesome, more grease to your elbow, please madam, what is hawthorn berry in Yoruba and can it be found in Nigeria. Ase! this is a wonderful research work. Pls what is the Yoruba meaning of these three English herbs: The yoruba name for lemon is ọsan wẹwẹ and for orange is orombo. Mental Health ATA acronym meaning defined here. The oracular reading involves throwing a handful of 16 kola nuts from the right to the left hand, 16 times, after which the right hand is checked to see whether an odd or even number of kola nuts remains. 3. ATA International Holdings has been providing training and risk management solutions to clients in Africa since 2008. Gathering all the plant local names you know and calling them yoruba is just lazy on your part. A remedy for skin – chamomile tea, baking soda (bicarbonate de soude). Argh!!!! Yiou can get to buy in any village market, Dandelion is called Yanrin in Yoruba not ebolo, Pls I urgently need the name to dandelion leaves in yoruba language or any Nigeria term of getting it in market. If you are one of them, just know that spinach health benefit is hair and bone, asthma and cancer protection, reduction of blood pressure, diabetes management and promotion of healthy skin. Parsley – Petroselinum crispum – Isako, Oshun. Hello, Afi. Home remedies for pimples – there is a lot to write. thanks for the insight. Pls kindly help with dis plant in Yoruba language, I want to get dem. thanks. For more than 30 years we have provided our services as chartered accountants, auditors & tax consultants to medium sized and small companies throughout Belgium and Europe. ATA Connect. Please what is Yoruba name of Damian’s also known as Tuneral Diffusal? Spirituality of Nature scares a lot of people and is termed IDOLATORY.. by religion, whilst a lot of the religious leaders uses BOTANICS / herbs and Medicine. I really appreciate you a lot. thanks very much. Thank you for your appreciation. weldone for the gud work.pls I need d Yoruba name for vitex agnus. Oloye Orawale Oranfe, please, can anyone help me with the Yoruba name for tamarind as in the real tamarind, and not the black velvet tamarind which is awin in Yoruba…. My name is Dapo. Botanical name Pseudocedrela kotschyi, Plz what is the yoruba name for parsley leaf. God bless ur effort and be well. Thanks in advance, thanks for this information. And make vaginal douches. Marigold It also contains notable amounts ofof myristicin, elemicin, safrole, and dillapiol, as well as a little amount of apiole which is are very much beneficial to health. Your Message*i must tell this is mind blowing pls what the saffron strands, Your Message*pls what is the cure for dis. Lawsonia inermis – henna, cypress shrub, egyptian privet, alkanna is laali in yoruba. Your write up here rings so true, and sure is spot on. Hello :) . They immediately gave them money for sacrifice and were able to get good still and video pictures.”. Please i want to know the Yoruba name for Muira Puama Orthodox Union Kosher Certified means every ingredient is fit or proper as it relates to kosher dietary law. Peppermint – I don’t know. Your Message*please can you translate the Yoruba name for cinnamon leave and root for me, to join this wonderful group in other to increase my learning habit, i wish to belong in this wonderful group, what is the Yoruba name for ashwagandha root, good morning sir, pls what is the Yoruba name for muira pauma, What is yoruba name for golden chia? Thanks. Thank you, Lola, I try my best!! Some other names found in Yoruba tribes for this tree, are: i want the yoruba name for muira pauma- my email is and phone is 08081967020. I don’t know if it’s useful, but all I found is this: “Maca is botanically called Lepidium meyenii belongs to the family Cruciferae. Cinnamon is Kirfa in Hausa. Please, what is the Yoruba name for Black seed & Licorice root? Continued blessings and encouragement. The tree is also found in Cameroon, with another variety in Congo. I will appreciates to reconnect back to my forefather herbals account through identification post pics to help other. Thank you very much for your help! And what I can cook as medicine or herb to drink to make me add in weight. (lol). To treat the inside infection you can try to use garlic. phyllantus 56 likes. I appriciate every effort it took to put all these together and hope the mother earth see all. Some of the health benefits include: Lowering of blood pressure; Reduces blood cholesterol; Research has linked it with preventing prostate cancer. He goes on “According to Bini informants, the bark is commonly used in making charms to drive evil from a house and to inflict a curse upon an enemy, the bark may be removed by day or at night – never at sunrise or sunset when the tree ‘spits poison’ but first it is necessary to propitiate the spirit of the tree by offering gifts: usually portions of kola nut, white yam, coco-yam and plantain, two cowrie shells, a pieces of white drill cloth and a quantity of chalk.” it is very good for infections and gynaecological related issues. 1. It’s Hausa name is kwandari. Stevia leave (SweetLeaf Stevia)Scientific name: Stevia rebaudiana Genus Antidesma rufescens this is much coming from a non-yoruba. Lawsonia inermis – henna, cypress shrub, egyptian privet, alkanna – laali in yoruba, uhie inine in Igbo. ATA, like many computer terms, is an acronym for Advanced Technology Attachment and is the standard interface for storage devices such as hard drives and CD-ROMs in a computer. I’ve waited for this for long. The advice of the balabwo is essential to ensure that the correct procedures are followed. It was in the text – Sage – Salvia officinalis in yoruba is Kiriwi, Babaluaye, Obatala. Imagine a white woman telling you this: “Hello, Adeola. Grape is girepu, pear is péa, avocados are afokado, banana is Ọ̀gẹ̀dẹ̀ wẹ́wẹ́”? Please I need the yoruba names of this plants thanks. Thanks. Pls I need the botanical names of these plants; Oloje funfun, Eru aja, Awe, Idi Apata/Apata, Opa aro. Burkill writes, “A tree with such remarkable properties is free from danger of felling; no one would dare to cut it, nor even touch it… It is considered so malign that the Liberian Government at one time forbad possession or sale of the bark… Medicine-men devised means to propitiate the spirit of the tree with suitable gifts to enable them to remove bark without risk of fateful penalty… A pieces of bark placed in a house is held to drive out spirits and robbers… and in this modern age… a pieces of bark carried on one’s person is protection against car accident.” Black cahosh Eruwasun Kindly give me the Yoruba name for COMFREY. Some of you’re irritatingly repetitive. Hello, my dear bee. Yoruba name for back of Astonia boonie. The balabwo also send the patient to the onishegun to purchase herbal remedies. You are to thanked and appreciated for your research, work and willingness to share for the benefit of all. Green tea black cohosh Amarus and wild let’s All I know is this: You are on: Egofelix Magazine - Yoruba names for herbs and plants – Nigerian medicine. WELDONE JORJETTE C, what agreat job you are doing. Remove the baking soda and use a gently mask made of fresh fruits puree. THANK YOU for this rich and important resources. Thanks. Fig is opoto, strawberries are sirọbẹri, apple is apus, peach is piá¹£i. Iodine helps in preventing goitre. Please what is the native or Yoruba name of dandelion and soursop. So educative. Cinnamon is known as igi didun or agbayunkun, Pls what is the local name for Oregano leaf/plant, please what is the Yoruba meaning of “kidney stone”. pls what is the English name of this(JEBO and AIDAN), Pls what is d Yoruba name for cylon cinnamon I seriously need it. Without the Chlorophyll from Plants, there will be ‘’’NO HEAVEN AND EARTH rejoicing”””. As I know, Parsley – Petroselinum crispum is Isako, Oshun. Yoruba word for zobo is Isapa/ Isapa pupa, Impressive jobs here! Health . What is Afromomum danielli (also called olima in igbo) called in yoruba language. Passion flower I did not respond because I do not know the name… Did you think about that? Thank you!! Gluten-free means that ingredients used contain less than 20 parts per million of gluten. I have indicated their uses. You can read more about pimples remedies here. Thanks, What is the yoruba name for indian turmeric or goldenseal leaf and wild letus…and pls what bot d yoruba names for chasteberry or vitex agnus and maca, Good work on here. Does anyone know where I can find “ipe-ele”, and what the english or spanish name might be? pls what is d yoruba name for milk thestle, Please, what’s the Yoruba name for licorice leaves. Source: An Ethnobotanical Survey of Herbal Markets and Medicinal Plants in Lagos State of Nigeria (PDF), Dictionary of Medicinal and Poisonous Plants, Fenugreek – ewedu in yoruba, hulba in Hausa, Black pepper – iyere in Yoruba, Oziza in igbo, Thorny pigweed/prickly amaranth – tete eleegun in yoruba, Butryospermum paradoxum – Shea tree – Ori, Capsicum frutescens – Tabasco pepper – Ata-wewe, Bryophyllum pinnatum – Air Plant, Life Plant, Miracle Leaf or Goethe Plant – Abamoda, Zingiber officinale – Ginger – Jinja, Atale in yoruba, Khaya grandifoliola, K. senegalensis, K. ivorensis – Oganwo, Lippia multiflora – Efirin-gogoro, Efirin-oko, Jatropha gossypifolia – cotton-leaf physicnut- Botuje pupa, Jatropha multifida – coral plant, physic nut or Guatemala rhubarb – Ogege, Cymbopogon citratus – lemon grass- Kooko-oba, Catharanthus roseus -Madagascar rosy periwinkle – Apabida pupa, Lawsonia inermis – Henna plant – Laali, Lali, Phyllanthus amarus – stonebreaker or seed-under-leaf- Eyin-olobe, Mangifera indica – Mango – Mangoro in yoruba, Erythophleum suaveolens – Erun obo, Olu-obo, Telfaria occidentalis – Fluted gourd – Ugwu, Zanthoxylum zanthoxyloides – Senegal prickly-ash or artar root – Orin ata, Acalypha wilkesiana – Jiwini, Ewe larapupa, Azadirachta indica – Neem, Nimtree or Indian Lilac – Dongoyaro, Aloe barteri – Eti-erin, Ida-egun, Ida-orisa, Ageratum conyzoides – Billygoat-weed, Chick weed, Goatweed, Whiteweed – Imi-esu, Abrus precatorius -jequirity, Crab’s eye, rosary pea, precatory pea or bean, John Crow Bead, Indian licorice – Oju-ologbo, Acanthospermum hispidum – Bristly starbur, Goat’s head, Hispid starburr – Dagunro, Acanthus montanus – Bear’s Breech or Mountain Thistle – Ahon-ekun, Irunmu arugbo, Aerva lanata – mountain knotgrass – Efun-ile, Aframomum melegueta – Grains of Paradise – Atare, Allium ascalonicum – The shallot – Alubosa elewe, alubosa onisu, Caesalpinia pulcherima – Barbados pride, dwarf poinciana, Barbados flower-fence – Eko-omode, Afzelia africana – Afzelia, Lenke, Lengue, or Doussi – Apa-igbo, Alternanthera sessilis – sessile joyweed or dwarf copperleaf – Reku-reku, Anthocleista djalonensis, Anthocleista liebrechtsiana – Sapo, Shapo, Arachis hypogea – peanut, or groundnut – Epa, Bambusa vulgaris – Golden Bamboo, or Buddha’s Belly Bamboo – Oparun, Baphia nitida – African sandalwood – Osun, Irosun, Allanblackia floribunda – tallow tree – Eku, Eso roro, Calendula officinalis – pot marigold – Ododo-Maria in yoruba, Calotropis procera – Sodom apple – Bomubomu, Canarium schweinfurthii – African elemi or canarium – Paapo, Origbo, Canavalia ensiformis – jack bean – Sese-nla, Cardiospermum halicacabum – balloon plant or love in a puff – Shaworo, Chromolaena odorata – Siam weed – Akintola, Awolowo, Tetracarpidium conophorum – Nigerian walnut – Awusa, Asala, Vernonia colorata – Ironweed – Eriro-Ijebu, Uvaria chamae – finger root or bush banana – Eruju, Viscum album – mistletoe- Afomo in yoruba, Uvaria afzelii – Gbongbose, Anikan wogba-arun, Urena lobata – Ilasa-agborin, Ilasa-omode, Argemone mexicana – Mexican poppy, Mexican prickly poppy, Flowering thistle, cardo or cardosanto – Egun arugbo, Ekan-ekun, Boerhaavia diffusa – punarnava – Etiponla, Olowojeja, Citrullus colocynthis – colocynth, bitter apple, bitter cucumber, desert gourd, egusi, or vine of Sodom – Egusi-baara, Citrus aurantium – Bitter orange, Seville orange, sour orange, bigarade orange, or marmalade orange – Osan, Transvaal alchornea – yoruba: ijandu, ijandudu, gbaluwo, ijan pupa, sewo sese pepe, ijan, ijan funfun, pepe, Christmas bush – yoruba: isin, ipa, epa, esin, asiyin, esin abata, Yellow siris, yellow bean – yoruba: ayinreta, ayinre popo, ayunre, akudinrin, alota, Lebbeck tree, siris tree, white siris tree, bastard lebbeck, tall albizia, white siris – Yoruba: ayinreta; Edo: ekpaghudo; Igbo: nyie avu, Flat Crown – yoruba: ayinre, ayinre isingede, ayinre ogo, Black currant tree – yoruba: aduigbo, asofeyeje, olowuko, yanya holo, Tassel berry – yoruba: aponlojusese, aroro, Job’s tears, gromwell-read, pearl barley – yoruba: obi, obi ifin, obi pupa, obi abata, African mahogany, counterwood – Yoruba : apa, ako apa, apa igbo, Soursop, prickly custard apple : eko oyibo, eko omode, Wild custard apple, custard apple – abo, arere, afon, Silk tree albizia, mimosa, mimosa tree, silk tree, silk sirirs, Persian acacia, pik siris tree – ayinre, ayinreye, Pattern wood, alstonia – atikekereheyin, dagunro kekere, Scrub ironbark, grey birch – ira odan, ira, iralodan, Coastal goldenleaf, coast goldleaf – asaragba, asa gidi, aarasa, ira, fonu fonu, Blighia konig sapindaceae, akee apple – isin odo, isin jise, isin oka, isin odan, Triangle tops, Phialodiscus unijugatus, P. plurijugaturs, P. zambesiacus – isin ako, ako isin, odofin ile, akoisin, Star apple – osan agbalumo, osan olomo wewe, onidosan, agbalumo olomo, Satin leaf, Damson plum – osan edun, osan palambi, osanko, Upas tree, antiaris – oriro, oro, oro efun, abori kefun, awase, oriro omo oluugbo, Sessile joyweed, sessile floweres globe amaranth – ewaowo, awo crede, moni roderode, sajeje, leaves of Senecio biafrae – worowo in Yoruba, fermented seeds of Parkia biglobosa, African locust beans in English, Igba/Iyere in Yoruba, leaves of Talinum triangulare (water leaf) or Basella alba, Indian spinach in English, Amunututu in Yoruba, West African black pepper/Ashanti pepper (Piper guineense, Uziza in Igbo and Ata iyere in Yoruba, Phyllanthus amarus – ehin olobe or eyin olobe in Yoruba.