A PharmD program is generally four years long. How much Pham D has industrial importance. After complete Pharm.D course, you can go North American Pharmacist Licensure Examination (NAPLEX). 1 Answer 1.8k Views I want to study Pharm.D after doing B.Pharmacy. After obtaining a PharmD degree and passing the proper licensure examinations you can practice pharmacy in the US. Hello Sir, I have done B-pharmacy, and wanted to persue higher education. Is Indian B.Pharm degree valid in USA or Canada?If a student has completed B.Pharm, can he get admission in Pharm.D basis his B.Pharm? "A 'compounder' wheather a b.pharm/m.pharm/Pharm D. never became a doctor"-by Dr.Sushma anil,a member of QPMPA; How to go Canada after B.Pharmacy in India and which job in Indian pharmaceutical industry helpful in Canada Courses after B pharmacy: B pharmacy, a four years professional under graduation degree known as Bachelor of Pharmacy. Higher Education After B.Pharm. The Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education changed the degree requirement nationwide for licensed pharmacists from bachelor's degree to doctorate degree in 1997, and the transition was completed in academic year 2004-2005. How long is a PharmD program? This Article talks about what the Pharm.D., the M.S. i doing pharm D is correct option after B-pharmacy, compared to doing MBA or Pharma Management courses. They are lot of courses available after b pharmacy apart from the M pharmacy course which you know very well. Job opportunities like Regulatory affairs, Clinical pharmacists, etc. regards After B.Pharma Pharm.D is a great course. After completing a 4-year degree, many candidates usually do not opt for further higher education in the field and are interested in pursuing a career path. The dear budding pharmacist there are two options for you after you complete Pharm.D: Join some state college abroad and pursue higher courses like M.Pharm, MS, MPH, MBA HCS or PhD etc. There is similar scope after M.Pharma in Pharmacology or Clinical Pharmacy in abroad. Universities for MS in Pharmacy About MS in Pharmacy There is a lot of confusion among prospective students about What courses to select in USA after B.Pharmacy in India. Typically, students interested in becoming a pharmacist take two years of undergraduate prerequisite courses then apply to pharmacy school. Table of Content. Check out the fields and options available after B.Pharm below. - Guide for B.Pharmacy Studnets What is FPGEE & NAPLEX certification exam? Here we discussing different type of courses offered after b pharmacy. The doctor of pharmacy degree (PharmD) replaced the bachelor of pharmacy degree (BPharm) program in the United States. To our dismay in India Pharmacist do not practice , but after Pharm D in US and other countries you will be in clinical Pharmacology in Pharmacy Clinics and Practicing both Pharmacy and Clinical Pharmacology. now am studying B.pharmacy.can I join pharm D after completion of B.pharmacy.what is the entrence exam to be written to enter into pharm D course # 17 21st September 2014, 12:16 AM program and the Ph.D. program are all about . To create a big career in North America. Plus i also would like to know how one can go for pham D and which colleges are offering it Please guide me .. as i am confused.